How To Reduce High Turnover And Improve Morale For Less Than $20

How To Reduce High Turnover And Improve Morale For Less Than $20

How many times have we heard the saying: “Surround yourself with good people who take their work seriously, those who work hard and play hard”? Chances are it has been more times we can count, but do we truly understand its meaning? Are we hiring the best people we can find, at any expense? Or are we bringing on people that we can just “fill a space” with?5852325_f260

When we surround ourselves with exceptional people, they teach us things. They help up grow. Every conversation is an opportunity to learn or improve. With a mindset of teach-ability at the forefront, we are bound to grow and thrive. Are we truly using each moment we breathe to reach our full potential?

Some people feel that management is about control and micromanage their staff, even their family members. Others prefer to pretend they are a helicopter and “hover” over everyone. We all know this type of management style…and we resent it! Very few of us ever had the courage to “enlighten” this person about their de-motivating demeanor. These folks are living totally on self-propulsion. And they are always in collision with something or somebody, even though their motives may be good.

On the other hand, there are those that delegate and provide tools for the successful completion of tasks. These are the folks that compliment often, providing praise and recognition. This type of management style includes specifically outlined details and a timeline of completion. Their team members take ownership and feel empowered. They are loyal to the company. Do you know any of these types?

Thos who reduce turnover and improve morale follow methods similar to those outlined a priceless book called “How Full Is Your Bucket” by Tom Rath & Donald O. Clifton. If you have not read this classic work of art, please do. A quick read, it will be the most beneficial 45 minutes of your life. The section in the back, containing the “Clifton StrengthsFinder” assessment is well worth the cover price. It provides a comprehensive assessment of the individual’s personality. Add in the “Positive Impact Test” and the guide in the back of the book on how to apply the books principles and you have an item with exceptional value. In fact, the book even comes in a children’s version, to teach your adolescents on how to use it every day.

When someone comes to work at my company, “How Full Is Your Bucket” is required reading. As a service-based company, maximizing positive interactions is essential to success. Our goal is to make each interaction a positive one. Not only is this good for your business, it is good for your state of mind. In addition, each team member is offered coaching. They are offered Professional Development to help them fine-tune their skills and reach their full potential.

I was inspired to write this blog post by an article I read this morning in INC. Magazine entitled “Why It’s Wise to Hire People Smarter Than You” by Phil Libin, the co-founder of Evernote. His goal is to be the dumbest person at his company. And you know what? I agree with him.

Christopher Gould – President

Gould Design, Inc.

3 thoughts on “How To Reduce High Turnover And Improve Morale For Less Than $20

  1. I learned the realities of inept leadership at a young age in the military. There you could not just quit, and failure to do your job put those on your right and left not the inept manager at risk. For those managers that were exceptional I have a phrase to describe “I would have charged the gates of hell itself if they had asked” and I meant it.
    Life outside of the military is much the same, the stakes are different but it is usually the people on our right or left that tend to pay for the inept managers not the managers themselves.
    I have always approached anything I do with the thought that my name is on it, there fore I do my best, I have found this attitude to be in the distant minority. Inept managers do hurt business, even if what they do is for what they feel the right reasons.
    “How full is your bucket” is an excellent example of a good management practice. I have read it and gained much from it. In many ways managers are like the heads of a family and what managers do is reflected in those that they manage much like what the head of a family does in reflected in the family.

  2. That is great!
    How to fill your bucket is a must read, and yes it is worth 45 min of your time!
    Speaking of Clifton Strengths finder, Technology now allows companies to hire based on personal traits, which are matching with the job requirements and cultural fits. Ultimately, helps you identify who are the people most likely to surround you with knowledge and skills and will remain part of your company or short turn project’s success