Will You “Pay It Forward” Today?

The Gould Family & Gould Design, Inc. needs your help! We have been hard at work, trying to provide value to our global audience of readers through our blog. As a company that believes in and practices the concept of “Pay It Forward”, I would now like to ask you to pay it forward and help us.

Here are the blog voting rankings as of 9am on 3/19/2013:


I am pleased to say that our effort to provide valuable content has been noticed! In 2012, we finished 3rd in the “Best Construction Blog” competition. We are hoping to obtain 1st in 2013.

With just 45 seconds of your time, we can do just that. Please click on the link below and vote for us! THE VOTING SECTION IS AT THE BOTTOM OF THE PAGE. All you need to do is select the check box next to “Gould Design, Inc.”, enter your name and email address and hit submit. You will not be subscribed to anything, unless you “opt-in”, by selecting the additional check boxes.

The 2013 Best Construction Blog competition is underway. “2013 Best Construction Blog competition” https://constructionnrhroup.wufoo.com/forms/r7p3p1/.

But don’t stop there. Share the link with your contacts and ask them to vote for us also. Follow our blog. We are not afraid to give away secrets that other are paying good money for! If you read our content you already know this!

This is the type of advertisement that money just cannot buy. With your help, we can reach even more professionals and add them to our subscriber list.

Additionally, GDI’s blog has earned further recognition as one of the “100 Best Construction Sites on the Web”. We are honored to be considered for this type of commendation. Industry professionals have taken notice of our business model. These honors would not be possible if it were not for you, our colleagues and the amazing caliber of people under the GDI umbrella.

We are striving each and every day to add the “best of the best” to our talented staff. We look forward to serving you for many years to come and would be happy to return the favor. Just ask!

Thanks in advance!

If you have any questions, feel free to call! Have an outstanding day 🙂

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