Which Building Material Replenishes Itself the Most Rapidly and Has the Most Uses?

Which Building Material Replenishes Itself the Most Rapidly and Has the Most Uses?

Why it’s bamboo! I have been intrigued by researching bamboo. This highly versatile material is used in so many different ways. To show you just how many, and to help you learn more about this amazingly efficient product, I have put together an alphabet of its uses.


Are you buying up as many types of products as you can of this environmentally-friendly product? Why aren’t you using bamboo more often? For those of you that love your environment, read on!

A: Animals rely on it for their diet- lemurs, panda bears, mountain gorillas and many more.

B: Buildings in coastal regions have been constructed entirely from bamboo, since it has tremendous elasticity.

C: Construction, like true wood, is a natural composite material with high strength-to-weight ratio useful for structures

D: Dracaena sanderiana is sold as “lucky bamboo”, it is an ornamental plant , but it is unrelated to bamboo

E: Elephants enjoy the stalk to eat.

F: Fastest growing plant on earth. Bamboo renews itself in just 3-5 years. Compare that to 3-5 decades with other commonly used building materials.

G: Gunpowder was first used in weapons such as the fire lance which was made from bamboo.

H: Han Dynasty used bamboo as their standard parchment.

I: I-Joists made from bamboo become the first structural product using this material.

J: Jewelry made from bamboo is very popular in the Caribbean islands.

K: Kendo, a Japanese martial art uses bamboo to make a sword used by the Samurai class in Japan.

L: Lumber is made from bamboo for flooring, paneling and a variety of other uses.

M: Medical products are  commonly used in Chinese medicine for treating infections and healing.

N: Nipa huts in the Philippines are a typical example of bamboo house put to practical use.

O: Oil of bamboo is used as a beauty product.

P: Pickled bamboo shoots are cooked with black eye beans in Nepal.

Q: Quality results are achieved when used as a sustainable green building product.

R: Rugs are made from bamboo for flooring.

S: Schach is used for roofing on the holiday of Sukkot.

T: Textile uses – Bamboo can be made into shirts, bedding, pajamas and many other items.

U: Utensils in the kitchen for cooking can be made of this durable material.

V: Vertical blinds are often made from bamboo.

W: Writing parchment is made from bamboo pulps in such countries as China, Myanmar, Thailand and India, just to name a few.

X: X-treme is a wonderful product made from bamboo.

Y: Young bamboo stalks have a sap that is fermented to make Ulanzi (a sweet wine) or a soft drink.

Z: Zoos create puzzles made from bamboos for the curious minds of young panda bears to stimulate their minds.

With global warming a serious issue, we should be very concerned. All of us are inhabitants of earth and need to take care of the earth the best way we can.

If folks in the dry regions are willing to build houses out of straw bales, why can’t we use bamboo?

Bamboo is a wonderful product that can be used for just about anything you can think of. Most of the items I have outlined here are used everyday. Let us all think twice about out choice of material next time we make a purchase.

Naida Gould – Owner

Gould Design Inc.

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