7 Things to do Differently in 2013, According to Albert Einstein

7 Things to do Differently in 2013, According to Albert Einstein

An exceedingly sagacious man one said “Doing the same thing over and over again expecting different results” is the definition of insanity. His name was Albert Einstein. Ever heard of him? Click here to learn more and to find numerous other remarkable quotes.


I have taken some of Einstein’s quotes and applied them to a business mentality. Business planning is essential to adapt to the economy and climate. In order to grow, we must change. In order to change, we must adapt. In order to adapt, we must constantly be looking for ways to improve. A business that does these simple (but not easy) things will provide value to its clients. And let’s face it, if you are not providing immense advantages to your clients, they will find a source that will.

  •  “Only the one who does not question is safe from making a mistake.”

Complacency can be a significant detriment to any business. The gift of intelligence is one that we should constantly use to make improvements. No one wants to work for a company that “does not question“. Force your team to question reasons why things were done and the methods applied. Is your team willing to ask the tough questions?

  • “Most teachers waste their time by asking questions that are intended to discover what a pupil does not know, whereas the true art of questioning is to discover what the pupil does know or is capable of knowing.”

Are you “questioning is to discover what the pupil does know or is capable of knowing”? A company is only as strong as its team members. Professional Development is essential to any flourishing company, teaching what the individual needs and/or updating their skills. A company that does not allow its personnel to reach its full potential is simply unfair. With the ever-increasing amount of “apps” and technological advances this day and age, this is now more true than ever before. Are you investing in your team’s capabilities and potential?

  • “A happy man is too satisfied with the present to dwell too much on the future.”

Planning is essential to any business or individual, but is there happiness? When we “dwell too much on the future”, we avoid doing what is required to create a successful roadmap. Part of the requirement of team members for my company is that they create their own sketch of a roadmap of where they want to be in the future. For some, they are surprised by this request. How can the taxi driver safely plot a course for your destination unless you know the address?

  • “Try to become not a man of success, but try rather to become a man of value.”

The primary intent of any auspicious person should be to “become a man of value”. When this happens it becomes so overpowering that it naturally flows over into the business. By seeking value, success will come. These two are partners, just as the sun and moon are. How much value are you providing?

  • “It is abhorrent to me when a fine intelligence is paired with an unsavory character.”

As ethical as your business may be, it can always improve. Ask your clients what they think. Ask your employees, vendors and other team members. Generate feedback to help you identify areas of improvement. Maybe you do not truly have “unsavory character”, but the appearance of it will leave your clients and colleagues in doubt. When was the last time you sought out feedback?

  • “There is only one road to human greatness: through the school of hard knocks.”

This is true in any endeavor. The “school of hard knocks” requires a few skinned knees when learning to ride a bicycle unless someone suggested that you wear pants. In business, this boils down to a business advisor or a consultant. I utilize a wonderful gentleman named Dave Josephson with The Growth Coach. Dave’s approach has transformed my business so much that I nicknamed him “Super Dave” and presented him with an award with the Superman emblem on it. The cost associated with this service is well worth the results. After all, if you are not willing to invest in yourself, how can anyone else invest in you?

  • “To obtain an assured favorable response from people, it is better to offer them something for their stomachs instead of their brains.”

Finally, give back! Yes, you read that right…GIVE. Almost everyone has head of “WIIFM”. If you are unfamiliar with this acronym click here. Do your clients a favor and “offer them something for their stomachs”, it will surely pay off. It could be a simple Thank You card, a Gift Certificate, a Fruit Basket, even a “trinket” with your logo on it. A source for these items I highly recommend is Pug Promotions. When was the last time you gave back?

Growth is only possible when the wheel is in motion. In science, it takes hundreds of experimental failures before success is realized. The process of testing and measuring is critical to any viable business. For those who know this and employ it, I applaud you. For those of you that don’t, please give it a try. Your livelihood depends on it.

I would like to thank GreenLight, LLC for putting together such a wonderful site for one of the brightest minds humanity has ever known. Our world is a better place because of Albert Einstein having lived in it.

Christopher Gould


Gould Design, Inc.

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