Have you heard of AutoCAD WS? It is a wonderful way to collaborate design work

Have you heard of AutoCAD WS? It is a wonderful way to collaborate design work


Have you heard of Autodesk’s AutoCAD WS yet? It is FREE and very slick and easy to use web based application that allows you to view, edit and even print/plot drawings on the go. You can either use a web based editor or you can download application for your smart phone or tablet – both iOS and Android versions are available.

As long as you have internet access on any above mentioned device, you can view and edit drawings in real time – but not only that. You can share your drawings and this is where the real advantage may be for your design team work. You may need to communicate a technical detail issue to other members of your team – or be asking your customer for additional information. What better tool than AutoCAD WS? You share your drawing with others and instantly, you can be explaining – and showing in real time what the issues may be. Please note, this is NOT a screen sharing or remote desktop application, this tool allows all team members to actively participate in design process and commenting.

For us, building component designers, this means that we could create a detail, share it with our customer and/or architect and better explain any issue we may have – showing and sharing that detail to all parties in real time. Also, AutoCAD WS allows participants to post their comments and point these conversations to specific parts of the drawing – for later use or archiving purposes. The editor uses command icons but also supports command shortcuts – just like your regular CAD does. Here is the supported command shortcut list: http://www.autocadws.com/tutorials/?portfolio=keyboard-shortcuts.

AutoCAD WS also integrates into Google Drive, so you can save all your drawings to cloud and have it mirrored to any other devices or computers. Another cool feature is that you can embed AutoCAD WS editor/viewer to your own web page and share drawings right there, in your own work space environment… We live in an exciting time. For all of us remotely operating folks, the World is becoming a smaller place. Check out AutoCAD WS and see for yourself! Here is the link to get you started: https://www.autocadws.com/.


Screenshot of AutoCAD WS Web Editor

I hope you find this valuable!

Martin Horak – Gould Design, Inc.

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