6 Suggested Ways to Brighten the World With Kindness

6 Suggested Ways to Brighten the World With Kindness

Giving back to our community is the greatest gift we can bestow to our world. There are so many ways that you can “Pay It Forward”. Please follow the link to our previous blog post for the history of this concept here.

By giving back, we inject unselfish kindness into the world. This causes darkness to fade, while brightening the light. To put it into perspective: Imagine a room with no light, full of darkness. With a single candle it will produce light in that dark room. When adding several candles into the room, the light increases with each flame. With enough candles, the light becomes brighter than a light bulb. The candles represent deeds of kindness, acts of charity. With enough acts of kindness, we can do our part to brighten the world.


I have chosen 6 ways to share with you that I personally volunteer my time and resources with regularly. While there are numerous resources, I focus my efforts on helping those less fortunate.

1. Work with your local, Habitat for Humanity, to assist with a local residence in your region

The one in my area is HabiJax. You can volunteer your time, muscle, and sweat to assist in your local community. By giving freely of your time, you can help your neighbor with painting their house, planting new foliage, or beautifying the neighborhood’s landscape. The best part of doing this type of charity is to see and experience the gratitude and true heart-warming reactions from the homeowner and their families. You can immediately see that your actions that helped your fellow man. By giving back to your local community, you can help the entire city to bring up morale and to encourage more positive changes to occur. Much like the candle, helping the world, a little light goes a long way. Your efforts can help to inspire others to also give their time to aid their local community. By combining the lights, darkness fades.

During, BCMC Build 2010 and BCMC Build 2012 (Click to see video), Gould Design, Inc. sponsored the annual Habitat for Humanity project, in conjunction with the SBCA. During the week of the show, a house was built for a family using components, to show how quickly and efficiently a building can be erected.

2. An Evening at Sulzbacher Homeless Shelter

You can help and heal the world one meal at a time, volunteering your time to feed homeless people. It helps you to focus on what you have in your life, and not to focus on what you don’t have. We must be appreciate what we do have and not focus on what you don’t have. Some unfortunate people out there barely have enough to survive, yet some of us worry about buying a new car, when the one we have works fine, or if our TV is too small, or if we should upgrade our smart phone to the latest and greatest.

Cooking meals for 400 people is quite a task. You will see cans of tuna fish the size of bowling balls. You will have a soup pot that holds several hundred gallons. The shelter houses men, women, and children. This is a great way that you and your organization can give back to your local homeless shelter. Sometimes the best gift is not your money, it’s your time. Take a moment and be grateful for what you do have

3. Writing a check

When you aren’t always afforded the luxury of time, donating your money can have a great impact on the causes close to your heart. Whether you donate to a religious institution, a sleep a way camp, a medical cause, or a non-profit organization, it adds up. The world we live in requires financial support from everyone to exist. Do your part, give today!

4. It takes a village to raise a child

Volunteering at a local school is a great way to show your support. A mind is a terrible thing to waste, is a slogan that promotes education. With education, a person can achieve their personal goals. While educating the mind, the person will increase their self-esteem. Most important is the “role modeling” you represent to the children. Just as “The Strangest Secret” says, we become what we think about. Likewise, our actions become our legacy.

Local schools always need extra hands. Some ways I help are: Reading a book to the class, help the teacher with that special project, sorting library books, filling in for a teacher luncheon, the list could go on endlessly! Starting an after school activity is a great way to offer a local school with a positive class for the students. Helping is such a rewarding feeling. My husband is a firm believer in donating time and money. This year he started a Chess Club at our school. Please spread the love, to help others!

5. Social Action

Through social action, you can help that causes that are close to your heart. Several projects that have , that have been rewarding can be, facilitating art therapy with patients at a rehabilitation center, working with your local religious centers to cook, and deliver holiday meals to homebound senior citizens, sewing pillow cases for cancer patients, collecting toiletries for families staying at Ronald McDonald House. There are so many areas of need. Pick one that is close to your heart.

6. Supporting local scouting for the future of our children

By supporting your local Boy Scout or Girl Scout organization, your funds will go towards a great organization that helps to foster self-esteem and the life skills to make a strong individual, ready for the future. Each year, the various local scouting sells popcorn or cookies. A percentage from the proceeds of each sale goes directly to the local troop or pack. Scouts offer numerous ways for children to reach their full potential. My oldest daughter (Lucy, 6) absolutely loves scouting, so much that I am considering starting a troop at her school. With 2 sisters to follow behind her, I am looking at being involved in scouting for the next decade!


One step at a time, one act at a time, one candle at a time, the world can be a better place by offering one hand at a time. By giving back to the world, you can help to make the world a better place. With every step, everything we think of as so little helps to make the circle of life to continue. Let us not use the excuse of a busy life schedule, work, kids’ activities, etc.

Simply make the time to add some light to the world one candle at a time. How many things have you put off until “one day”, that have never been achieved?

Please help to make the world, a more caring, loving environment for all of us! If we all do a little, then it adds up to a lot!

Naida Gould

Owner – Gould Design, Inc.

Mother of 4 under 10

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