A Time to Reflect


The busy season for our industry is ever so slowly coming to an end. We get a break from the chaos that is the summer and fall building season and get a chance to breath a little. In this time, I feel like it is necessary to reflect upon your goals and achievements as a company and as an individual. To try to keep yourself in check with how you are doing and what you can do better. If you keep reminding yourself of where you want to be in your career or in your business, you will reach those goals much faster and more successfully. Its having that top of mind awareness.

This slow time of year is always around the holidays for the component industry. Many of us are spending time with loved ones which we haven’t seen much of because of the long hours we put in the past 4-6 months. I believe that this is when we fill our buckets back up. Stress and deadlines really drain a person after a while and we need to take this time to re-energize our minds and souls. These are the things that fuel us which we need to replenish or you will find yourself burned out and tired. I have been there and its not healthy.

So take this time and enjoy it. Reflect upon who you are and what makes you happy in life. These are necessary steps to be happy and healthy in your life, career or your business.

Happy Holidays

Darren Fish