Are you aware of the many benefits of using wall panels?

Are your framing crews erecting walls, then setting trusses in the same day?

Is jobsite waste eating up your profits?

Can wall panels be created for custom homes?

Are your materials “walking off” the jobsite?

What types of panelized walls are used?

Are load-bearing doorway/window headers an issue?

Who can specify that wall panels be used on a new home build?

Do I still need blocking for backsplashes & cabinetry?

Are extreme custom homes an option for wall panels?

Wall panels will become more popular, once there is more exposure and demand. Jobsite times are reduced by up to 80% for carpenters. A multi-famliy, multi-level building can be erected and “dried in”, in a matter of days, not weeks. Are you ready to give wall panels a try?

5 thoughts on “Are you aware of the many benefits of using wall panels?

  1. There are many benefits to panels. In areas where labor costs are low, builders appear to be reluctant to use them. They believe they can get houses/buildings built cheaper with on site labor.

    Here is something that has always intrigued me. In FL, concrete slabs have to be engineered and sealed before you can apply for a building permit. The same holds true for roof and floor trusses. However, the part of the building between the two that ties them together, doesn’t need to be engineered at all. Seems a little strange because of how strict the building codes are here. I believe that walls should have to be designed, engineered and sealed like trusses so the structure would be engineered from top to bottom, not just at the top & the bottom. Any thoughts ?

  2. Several weeks ago, several associates and I took a class on Building Analyst professional training from Building Performance Engineering. This week-long class teaches the principals of good retro-fit energy savings techniques on present residences and the proper way to design and detail new home construction. There are many ways to raise the energy efficiency of new or older homes.

  3. I think if more builders truly understood all of the advantages, they might use them. In the Southeast during the late 60’s, everyone was conventional framing roofs when trusses came about. At that time trusses were used very little and were the exception. Before long, builders began to see the advantages of using trusses and framing with they became the norm instead of the exception.
    Wall panel usages is at the stage of trusses during the late 60’s in the Southeast because builders haven’t seen the true benefits of them yet. Once they do, we should see Wall Panels follow the same path trusses did. It’s only a matter of time especially in today’s competitive marketplace!