Value… What does it mean?

Value… What does it mean?

What are the main reasons your clients do business with you?

One of the reasons that a customer buys any product is its perceived value. But value goes beyond the material product.  It also involves great customer service and extra perks.

Meridith Powell is the founder and owner of MotionFirst. She is a certified coach, speaker, and business development expert. Meridith writes about value in Ezine Articles: “The experts are telling us that in today’s economic environment, if you want to keep and build your customer base you need to add value.”

So what does that mean add value? Really, wouldn’t you say if people want your product or service and you deliver it isn’t that adding value?

Well not exactly, in today’s environment what the experts really mean is that you need to add more value than your competitors. You need to consistently do things that make your customers stand back and say wow. Do things that make them emotionally connect to your company, and do things that make them realize (without you telling them) that you are different from your competitors.

This is more art than science. To add “more value” than your competitors, you really need to be more gray than black and white. Looking for the little things, the little ways and the little connections you can make to really make your customers happy.”

The gray area that Ms Powell mentions involves more than the finished product.   It also encompasses great customer service. Fed Ex and UPS exemplify the extra mile. They offer online tracking of packages. The customer can access information about exact times that the order has shipped, the stops it makes along the route, and the final delivery.  This added information is comforting to their customers and adds value to their service.

How is your company offering value? What makes it unique from the competition?

Renaldo Montenegro

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