What is your company doing to add value? How much is enough?

What is your company doing to add value? How much is enough?

Value per dollar spent, that is what it all about, right? There is a great book out there called “How Full Is Your Bucket”, by Tom Rath & Donald O. Clifton PHD. A quick read (about 60 minutes), this book can show you how to add tremendous value to you customer base, simply by speaking in a positive manner.

Are your clients knocking on your door? Or are you chasing them? No one likes a door-to-door salesman, or a solicitation call. They drain your energy substantially. We all send out surveys right? Question is, do we ever get them back? Feedback is essential to identifying problem areas. Let’s face it, when was the last time we sat down and analyzed our successes, to improve them? It usually takes a failure or some type before a company is willing to spend precious resources doing an inventory.

When we are able to place value in a positive manner, it transforms the perception. Clients that are rewarded are more likely to be repeat clients or refer you to others. It transforms the employee, gives them motivation, which helps them take ownership. Employees that get recognition take ownership will work longer and harder than those that don’t.

Most companies live and die by the 80/20 rule:

  • 80% of repeat work is developed by 20% of staff
  • 80% of referrals come from 20% of clients
  • 20% of staff produces 80% of new sales
  • 20% of staff produces 80% of work

Try being a positive influence in your industry and see what happens. Share positive energy, positive news, not negative. For the folks that utilize the media, there is an over-abundance of negativity broadcast everyday on TV, Radio & Newspapers. Compliment your staff, your peers, even your competition in a public manner. Give recognition where it is due. I am not talking about an “Employee of the Month” club, or a “Frequent Flyer” card. I am talking about making that 80/20 a 60/40, even a 50/50. Positive reinforcement is the missing link in this puzzle. Not only will it increase your brand loyalty, it will make you feel better at the end of the day!

Give the book a read, and try it for yourself. Not only will it help you professionally, it will help your personal life as well! Is $19.95 worth providing some extra value to your client base?

And for the record, I receive absolutely no benefit from you reading this book, other than to share the knowledge and “Pay It Forward”. I believe in doing the right thing and helping my fellow man. It’s just that simple!

Christopher Gould – President

Gould Design Inc.