I come from a family of artists which includes a writer, a painter, a musician/luthier, a hairstylist, someone who works with glass, and someone who can produce great family movies and albums. I have some talents, but often wonder how I fit in with them. I’ve never found any one thing that I feel comfortable with. It’s a blessing, it’s a curse.

Every once in a while when I feel the need to be creative, I take up a new hobby/project. When I’m the creative mode, it is somewhat like meditation to me. It gives the other side of my brain a chance to work through life’s problems with greater clarity.   I can often relate the issue at hand with the project I am working on.

While surfing the internet, I found 3-D Origami and decided to try it out. I figured that maybe my Japanese background could help me. 3-D Origami is basically creating three dimensional art forms by putting small paper triangles together. Almost anything can be built from using this technique.

I’ve been working on putting a team of guys together for a men’s social club to have fun and also do good for our community. This is what I’ve found:

  1. As with starting anything, you must first have a clear vision of the final result and a plan on how to put it together.
  2. In 3-D Origami, the small triangles are formed by folding rectangular pieces of paper. On a team, people are trained or taught how to do their role to achieve the larger goal. Both are very tedious jobs and can take a while to do, but are absolutely necessary.
  3. All projects are started with a base of triangles which are tightly linked together. The project takes shape from here. It is tricky to form the base without some of the pieces coming apart.  It takes patience and a steady hand to accomplish this. Strong leadership with good management will help keep everyone on track.
  4. Each of the base triangles holds the whole piece together. Sometimes the folds will pull loose in time. It is important that all the pieces fit well together.

Although I just started the project, I already know how great it will look when I am finished. Piece by piece teams are built from strong ideas and clear vision. Many great things can be accomplished. You just have to keep folding the paper!

Clifford Buckley – Gould Design Inc.