Do you have a business coach or use a business consulting firm? Do you need one?

Do you have a business coach or use a business consulting firm? Do you need one?

I’m curious about how you are doing your business planning. I have a business coach that I meet with at least twice monthly and every year we make a business plan. By holding me accountable and walking me through my challenges and successes, I am able to “let someone in” to my strategic thought process. It has helped me so much to get out of my own way. We don’t really know how much we are in our own way until we let someone evaluate our thought processes & methods. Then they hold us accountable to our goals/commitments and actions.

It’s very interesting how we met. I like to say “Divine Intervention”. At my worship center, there is a coach. I decided to meet with him to give it a try, with the free initial session. We met. I agreed to come back for another. The second session he didn’t show. I sat in the waiting room for almost 2 hours waiting. Then out of nowhere, Dave Josephson, The Growth Coach of Jax, showed up. It turns out he has an office in the same building. I took it as a “sign”. I signed up with him that day for one year.

Within 2 months, he had provided so much value, so much insight, that he has paid for his fee in my profits. I was working less, making more and most importantly, I was delegating. I had learned a way to hold others accountable, much like Dave held me accountable.

Today I have more clients, more profits, more staff and the best part: I work less, with little stress. Profits are up, which allows me to “work on” my business, rather than “in” it. I have spent a bunch of money the first quarter growing my client base, but more importantly, my staff, through professional development. I have more strategic partners than I thought possible. I have learned how to network effectively, how to provide value to others freely, with no expectation of anything, other than to help. I have been criticized numerous times by my colleagues/peers that I am giving away “trade secrets” for free, that I need to stop. All that does is shine light on that person’s true nature to me. The 10 Commandments do not tell me to keep it all to myself. Shame on them!

I cannot say enough good things about this man (or this type of service)! Can you tell?

I would highly recommend that ALL business owners get a coach. You don’t realize how much you really need one until you have it. We get so caught up in our “comfort zone”, that we get complacent. I would become the text book definition of insanity if I do not try something new!

Just wondering how others are doing it?