Trusting In Business – Part 2

Trusting In Business – Part 2

So, where does this leave us today?

Every day we constantly hear stories about betrayal of trust. Our fast paced society we live in today is not conducive towards the trusting of anyone.

Social media is often to blame. It gives us a false sense of security where people can lash out at others, then hide behind their walls.  Just look at any blog post comments (mine included.) We must always remember though, that new technologies in communications always can be used as great tools for communicating and must be respected. We cannot blame social media on the decline of courtesy in the world, only on the people using it negatively. It is with our individual responsibilities to change this.

We started a discussion with a square to describe the “Old Trust Framework”, and then a triangle to describe the “New Trust Architecture.” Now let’s look at a circle.

There is the “Circle of Trust” from the movie “Meet the Parents”, which brings everyone inside your circle. This method can only work by earning your way into another’s circle.

You must first circle the trust first around yourself. You are the center of trust. Trust in a relationship is as fragile as glass. It can be strong or it can shatter easily. You earn the trust of others outwardly by your actions. This can be done by simply doing three things. Competence, know what you are capable. Consistency, do what you say you are going to do,(rinse, repeat!). Character, this is the result over time. The only way a business can survive today is through the integrity it reflects outwardly. Building relationships formed within the company through trust is the first step towards our recovery.

Clifford Buckley – Gould Design Inc.

2 thoughts on “Trusting In Business – Part 2

  1. Great stuff. It is important to remember that just like a healthy retirement account a trust account is built over time. Unnecessary withdrawals have negative effects.