Designing Structures Around Efficiency?

Is this a new concept? Do building designers actually do this? I have previously posted ideas focusing around this idea I feel this is a very important topic that needs to be addressed in our industry and not enough people are doing it. So how do we design around efficiency?

When designing a new structure, I think many trades of the industry should be involved as much as possible. I understand that time is always an issue and people can’t be waiting around for answers or information from multiple people just to get a single design done. What I’m saying is integrate the mindset of asking questions. It may sound very simple and silly but many people just keep doing what they have always done for decades. Start thinking about other parts of the industry before creating a design that will end up costing the homeowner twice as much as what it could cost if collaboration was accomplished effectively. We waste so much time and money redesigning designs that don’t work or don’t supply enough information for everyone to do their job. This should never happen. With the way technology is, answers are an email away. Issues should be resolved before it leaves the building designers desk. I would never release a design that I knew didn’t have a solution to it or was incomplete. This shows to me that Integrity in ones work is irrelevant now a days. People are losing pride in what they do.

Besides accurate communication between trades, I think designing with components in mind create a much more efficient design overall. With the programs we have available at our fingertips, we can accurately calculate how much lumber is going into the components, how long it will take a plant to build the components and how long it will take to erect on site.  All of these procedures can be calculated to the foot and second. With the information that the component industry has meticulously put together over the years, there is no reason why builders should not be using components. It is a proven time saver and material saver. It all goes back to teaching an old dog new tricks. Builders are comfortably numb with the way they build. Some of them blatantly disregard the time and money saved by using components just because. To me, this is crazy talk.

We all need to start asking more questions instead of just doing what we have always done. We all need to work more closely together within this industry. We have all the tools in front of us right now to design efficiently.  We just need people to see the impact they create within the system when they don’t do their part and force someone else to pick up their slack.  We all need to be accountable to be credible and without credibility , none of us will get very far.

2 thoughts on “Designing Structures Around Efficiency?

  1. This concept has actually been around for years, but often builders do not realize the cost savings. Anytime you design so that carpet use manufactured widths, that material drops are minimal it generates a ton of savings. Suppliers on the otherhand are as guilty for they take advantage of the need to supply more material rather than as Chris would say educating their customer.

    Unfortunately a lot of people got burned in this last recession because they operated from a make it while you can mentality. Getting back to efficient use of materials will allow people in the new poor(those that lost their homes) to again be able to afford and qualify for a home.