New Orleans to Host BCMC 2012! Who is going? What do you want to see there? Will they address the growing use of remote design? Lean building practices?

BCMC 2012 is looking for input for session agenda for the event this year in New Orleans on October 17-19th 2012. Please click on the link below and add your thoughts on which sessions would provide the most value.

Does anyone have any interest in an educational session on remote design? If so, tell them! At the bottom, there is a field “Additional thoughts, ideas and comments”.  I would encourage you to add your thoughts that reflect the needs of your company and clients.

Gould Design Inc. has worked hard to form strategic alliances with architects, engineers, designers and forward thinkers, such as recruiters, contractors, etc. GDI has all the pieces in place now to do concept-to-completion design. In other words, from the idea, to the plan drawn, to the components engineered, to the material takeoffs, to the sealed drawings.

With enough interest, we can help to re-transform the current way of thinking into the technological age that we are now living in. The business model of the industry is nearly outdated. Automated plants have cut down on the number of workers needed, but have industry leaders done a re-vamp of the business practices/policies/expectations? Have they brought in an outside resource (such as Todd DrummondLean Manufacturing Consulting) to accurately evaluate the changes impletmented?

Without accurate measurement tools in design & fabrication, the information generated is hardly accurate. Sometimes the hardest thing to see is what is right in front of you. As our industry continues to evolve, so must the decision-makers.

Christopher Gould  – President – Gould Design Inc.