Connector Selection

Connector Selection

I am sure you know the feeling, it has been two days since you started this job. You have all trusses designed, layout dressed up and all that is left is to figure out your hanger connectors. I mean, this is a custom design job, all sort of things going on. Two plies tying to three plies, skewed connections and what-nots. So you grab your paper copy of Simpson Catalog and start digging…. Or not…

Here is a slicker way to do this:

1)      go to

2)      pick either US or Canadian version of Connector Selector and download the one with PDF files (it is the one of bigger size)

This is what you get – less the highlights 😉 :

1-Simpson Strong Tie Connector Selector 

The application is rather self explanatory. Fill out all pertaining information (yes, the highlights) and watch the results you get. First thing to notice is that some ‘model’ items, i.e. connector types are shown in bold – those are your inventory items and I will explain how to define them (see next paragraph). Also to notice is the last column showing ‘*Icost’ – that is a very handy comparison tool telling you what is the relative price of connectors. The cheapest available option will come as 100% and others are compared to that. So in our example, both LUS26 and HUS26 would work for entered parameters, however HUS26 is roughly 3.5-times more expensive than LUS26: the correct pick is obvious…

To define your stock items, click on ‘Stock List’ TAB and toggle on/off the items that are available to you.

2 – Stock Item Selection

Ok, I hope you like this small application so far but the real treat is yet to come. After you selected the most cost effective item you can click on ‘Show Catalog Page’ button (circled in red on Figure 1). You get a catalog page PDF – send that to your customer or file with job.

Done – and ready to move on to the next job … Well, isn’t that exciting ?