Remote Design / Outsourcing

Falling behind on deadlines?

Having trouble finding a qualified candidate?

Have you considered outsourcing?


Remote designers work longer, harder & later, than those in the office. They are more productive, more flexible & more eager than those that work in the office. They are also more accessible (believe it or not). I have been in this business a long time & I have found that the only ones that don’t succeed at remote design are either victims of sabotage, have poor work ethics, or really shouldn’t be designing to begin with.

With the technological age at hand, why would any company want to pay all that extra cash associated with employees, when they could have a more talented individual just a few keystrokes away? The answer is simple: CONTROL. When the baby boomer generation retires, remote design will be the norm. The best designers that I have ever had the pleasure to know are all remote designers (except one).

If we are willing to fill our household with things from China & other countries, then we have opened our minds to the fact that things from other countires are more cost-effective. When business owners are ready to save on employee costs, then they will pursue remote design. Outsourcing averages 25-40% savings for the company. That’s huge! And some companies (like mine) are proud to employ Americans. All others (that I am aware of) are not employing Americans. If you ask me, the best money is spent on the USA.

I dare you to find a single piece of electronics (or perhaps even a child’s toy) in your household that was made in the USA………

3 thoughts on “Remote Design / Outsourcing

  1. Gould Design is an up and coming force that won’t be stopped. In these times of price increases coming from every direction, it’s important to find alternatives from the by-gone days of spending hours of time just getting to and from work. Those hours are best spent at the ‘home’ work station. It’s time has come!!