You have to love technology! With the ever-growing diversity of the internet & the plethera of information it contains, anything is possible! Cell phones, gps, satellites, robots, the list is endless. We can now be connected, anywhere, at any time.

Employers now have access to more skill sets than ever. Services can be provided to clients looking for “niche” work, from a remote location. Employees can now find work, without having to uproot their family and relocate. Students can now have educational lessons specifically tailored to their grade level, while remaining in the same school building. In almost every field you can think of (medical, defense, banking, just to name a few), there has been signifigant technological advances that have changed they way business is conducted.

The best part is, we have merely touched the surface! I am excited to see what the future will hold!

Chris Gould
Gould Design Inc.