Our Services

If you want structurally sound engineered component design, look no further, GDI can make it reality for you. Our associates are industry leading professionals, with hands-on field knowledge and understanding of the component industry and each process involved.

Experience gives GDI the “real world” knowledge that is often overlooked, seemingly excluded from the other options you may have looked into, thus inflating costs and increasing errors.

GDI has been servicing the industry since 2006 for design of:

Our design team will dive into your company’s standard of design performance, putting on paper what may not yet be written. These standards are followed to the letter, creating the same end result as if we were sitting in the office right next to you. Our goal is to mirror your expectation as you see it.

Utilizing GDI for your design department gives you the extra assistance. This also gives you substantial design savings in most cases. How you may ask? The answer is in the form of a question: Do you know what you are paying now on a job-by-job basis for design? If not, then your profit margin jumps up and down on each job, depending on who it is assigned to! GDI operates on a fixed cost, based on the project itself. You always know your exact cost for design.

In addition, all of our component designers are constantly undergoing professional development, with cost savings in mind for everyone involved………manufacturing plant, installer of components, and more importantly, you, the end customer.

Gould Design Inc. is a family owned and operated establishment partnered with MiTek USA and MiTek Canada. Specializing in remote truss design, our staff’s knowledge & experience extend throughout North America. GDI carries liability insurance and software licensing rights. In total, our team of specialists have over 250 years of component design experience and offer an extensive variety of real-time field knowledge relating to engineered design and application.