Frequently Asked Questions:

Why Truss Designers and Design Managers should not be fearful:

  • Work is designed efficiently
  • Professional team members
  • Quality Assurance check
  • Extensive details/documents
  • No competition in workplace
  • We work on your timeline
  • We will share our secrets
  • No more working late
  • Ability to handle “problem” salesperson
  • Typical workplace threats are non-existent
  • All staff members have design & field knowledge
  • Training available to those interested in growth
  • No more working weekends or holidays
  • Less “crunch” deadlines imposed upon you from sales staff

Are you submitting accurate bids, or taking your "Best Guess"?

  • We have varying levels of service ranging from Estimating, to Production, to "Full-Service" project management

How can my company rely on an outside source?

  • Believer in relationship building with these six factors as a focus:
    1 = Credibility, 2 = Integrity, 3 = Honesty, 4 = Willingness, 5 = Respect, 6 = Trust
  • Not a "Fly-By-Night", practicing successful business since 2006, with a solid reputation within the industry
  • Excellent track record of satisfied clients which are referred by strategic partners and other industry professionals

Have you recognized the value remote design presents to your business?

  • In a pinch, we can have 2 or 3 guys working on the job in unison, to meet your project deadline
  • Design staff is in multiple time zones, allowing “longer work days”, with some availability on weekends
  • Staff is proficient in nearly every industry software for Trusses (Wood/Steel), EWP, etc.
  • Design staff is just a few mouse-clicks away, "on-call" when you need it most, fully competent and experienced; ready to meet your needs with just a moment’s notice

What are your challenges regarding timelines in design backlog? What do you want it to be?

  • Each team member has a varying schedule, flexible to your deadline, consistently meeting your scheduling demands
  • Exceptional turnaround times for established clients, with an "overnight" option available

What level of service are you looking for?

  • We can perform estimation type designs, production designs, truss or plan seals, even provide repairs when needed
  • "Full-Service" design option, where GDI uploads to server, does batching, bundling, etc.

Why choose Gould Design, Inc.?

  • The answer is simple: We are a complete design team with over 250 years combined experience in the industry
  • GDI specializes in whole-house design, current with the building codes in your region
  • Proud supporter of charitable industry causes such as Habitat for Humanity, BCMC Build
  • High integrity company with a primary focus on fostering, building and maintaining relationships

What other products or services do you want to offer, or are unable to?

  • Strategic partners with industry professionals such as:
    • Architects
    • Engineers
    • Recruiters
    • Software Companies
    • Contractors
    • Industry Innovators

How can GDI possibly know what my company/customer needs are?

  • Experienced in nearly every market in North America, with representatives available for site visits if required

Have you considered hiring a designer recently?

  • The average client reports a savings of 25% or more, compared to overall employee costs
  • No "fixed" cost for using the service, such as those that are associated with an employee

Is your design staff consistent across the board?

  • Extensive experience in design criteria creation through collaboration with in-house staff
  • Professional Development & Training available for your in-house staff which can further their growth and experience

Are you ready to have a design staff at your fingertips?

  • Proud to be an American owned company that employs American citizens