About Us

Family owned and operated company with headquarters based in Jacksonville, Fl. Proud to be Americans employing Americans, GDI is fully Licensed & Insured. By being active in several local & national charities, we are dedicated in our efforts with upholding to a higher standard. Integrity, ethics, and professionalism are at the forefront of every decision made.

Who We Are

Experts with over 250 years of component design management and experience. Versatility is our specialty, since we posses a multitude of software and code knowledge, in various countries around the globe. By constantly undergoing Professional Development, we are current with the latest industry trends and innovations. Partnering with other companies and organizations is a priority, to build stronger relationships to take into the future.

What We Do

Perform efficiently with accuracy, regardless of job type. Specialization of component design, is our niche. Name it ... Wood Trusses, Material Take-offs, Joists, Beams ... GDI does it all. Production work or Bid work, pricing models are in place for each scenario. We also provide other Professional Services such as: Architectural Drawings and Designer Training. By understanding the industry, and each piece of the puzzle, recognition of cost reduction locations become apparent.

Communicate effectively with your staff. A New Customer specialist is assigned to your account. Critical information is gathered relating to your company's specific preferences/requirements/inventories/etc. Through this collaboration of effort, your company's design standards are defined. Explicit details are then compiled into one document, which is reviewed and approved. Uniformity in design is the result, each and every time, as if working beside you in the office.

Dollars are added to your bottom line due to costs associated with employee overhead. Right at your fingertips are component experts. Imagine if you had immediate assistance, on an as-needed basis. With an "Overnight" option, we can meet some of those seemingly unrealistic deadlines for you. When your bid is in first how many more jobs will your salesman get? Our pricing system is uniquely flexible, yet extremely exact. This will empower you to accurately estimate the design cost ... before you send the job for outsourcing.